— Martha Graham —

Robin van Soolingen — kickboxer, karate champion, youth worker and trainer — knows better than anyone how boxing can help express our inner strengths and obstacles.

As a child, Robin started martial arts training from his fear of not being good enough. This path led to him to earn a spot on the national karate team and become a multiple national and international champion. In the karate world, everything is about winning. This may work well in sports, but not in daily life where overblown egos, disregard for other opinions and the inability to express himself eventually led Robin to burn out.

Robin realised this and re-evaluated his life and the way he was living. Step-by-step, the former karate champion learned to know and express his inner self. Once he learned to cope with his inner fears Robin decided to share his life lessons with others.

“I love the speed, simplicity and precision that comes out during sparring where you can see where there is room to grow.” — Robin van Soolingen —

Using boxing gloves, Robin began by coaching youth to cope with aggression and increase their resilience. Then he expanded to teach leadership training and team sessions for organisations. In spite of different languages and cultures, the various businesses all shared the same kind of issues. Today, Martial artist Robin is a sought after personal development coach.

Robin empowers youth, adults and organisations to experience their strengths and capabilities in an exciting yet safe environment. The way you box reveals the patterns of how you feel, think and act. On your own and with others. You will discover what is blocking your development and how to overcome these obstacles and fears as you build up your resilience.

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